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Saturday, January 14, 2006

86 trailer trash!

this is how it looked in my head.... we got about 60% there....

so the trailer trash look just wasnt working for me.
i've felt like TT for about two weeks now.
just couldnt deal with it anymore. so i went today, braved a new experience.
finding a new stylist is scary. especially when you've had the same one for 8 years. well i had gone to sheer professionals for 8 years.

so here are the results: (not totally fabulous!, but not bad either)

cheesy smile!

woohoo :)

regardless, it looks sooo much better than it has all week at school/work!
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Chattering Monkey

Buddhism compares the untrained mind to a chattering monkey that jumps from one branch to another. The monkey is never still and constantly moving. This is not a flattering image, but if you watch your thoughts darting from one random idea to another, you may discover that it is quite accurate. You can train yourself to be aware of the stream of thoughts passing through your head, and to quiet the chattering monkey.
Friday, January 06, 2006


AEG is the key to wellness. That's what we learned in school today.


The trends lately is the wellness kick. Americans are going crazy, finally taking responsibility for their health and well-being. It's about time. It usually takes an illness or injury or some type of life-changing event for someone to develop an interest in their health and wellness.

Yah so I started school this week. Had class on Thurs and Fri. I love it so far. I love the diversity of our class. Age range from about 18-65. There's students just out of high school and there's students that have made drastic career changes from corporate positions. The teachers seem easy-going, appreciate wellness, are compassionate, and thrive on thier career decisions. It's very exciting to be in a place where everyone wants to be and is ready and willing to learn. Refreshing.
Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wahooo! We just got our couch!!

This is the Sleeper Section! Friends/Family this is where you'll be sleeping when you come to visit!
It's a queen size sleeper sofa!

This is very exciting since we've been using camping chairs for about a month now!! Horray!
Monday, January 02, 2006

San Diego Zoo

He's was the first Panda that I'd ever seen, so cute just hanging out!!

nye05/06, these are the ACTUAL accounts

as the night revealed, the anticipation of being in la for nye was - to say the least- far from what i expected. my expectations were not unrealistic, i dont believe, to simply enjoy an outdoor goa event, while being exposed to a well-developed psy-community, perhaps meeting a few like-minded souls. i wanted to stomp in the new year with space monkey and all the other israeli folk. much to our dismay, the journey to burbank and then up the mountains to the ranch was pointless. the event was canceled before it even started. apparently the mud/dirt/dusty roads were washed away that lead to the ranch. that was the story anyway. the location, the people, the community had all the potential in the world.... beyond frustrating. what do you do? you can't give up, not on nye, in a city of a million possiblities after a 500 mile journey. we trotted to the nearest exit, nonchalantly pranced into the lobby of a fancy marriot hotel in search of our friend the internet. that was too easy. perhaps, the only thing that was 'easy' the entire night. i located several options, but the clock was ticking, we didn't have much time to figure out where to go and how to get there. there were two main choices- the spundae mego event or a little artsy-community event that had some flare. 50 bucks or 10 bucks. we both agreed we had seen our fair share of mego events..... onward to support the lil guys.

the rest of the evening was merely an utter disappointment. other than my delightful companion, the bottle of champagne we ended up chugging, and the events that followed on new years day.... nye05/06 was simply a tragedy.

the directions to the little guys gig, brought us into hollywood, which was quite fabulous and exciting. there were people everywhere. that was somewhat glamerous. maybe under different circumstances, and if we had orginally planned to just go to hollywood to hang out for nye it might have been legitimate. we found our destination, finally. it was on santa monica blvd. and we thought we'd party till the sun came up. the venue looked exquisite: lots of people, decorations, lights, ferris wheel. perfect, let's do it. 45 minutes later, ball drop and all, we were still looking for a parking space. ridiculous. the *only* possible place, after circling the blocks thousands of times, was a pay lot that stacked your car and you had to turn in your keys. simply a bad idea, when the contents of your car are worth more than the car itself... not a risk we wanted to take with the skydiving gear in the back.

we did finally find a spot, still trying to have high hopes of a possible recovery for the night, we quickly changed and headed for the venue. along the way, we passed a smaller club hosting an SG's nye event, yummy! a lil angel, wings and all, popped out as we were passing by, she was sporting fluffies.... lox were the only thing she was missing! so....yah, anyways. we get to the venue and it turns out somehow, we had wrote down the directions to the spundae event, it was still 50 bucks (even though it was approaching 1 oclock!), it only went to 4am, AND it appeared to be winding down with people leaving in herds. of course, nothing can go right from this point on. cranky, we decided not to take that risk.

after strolling up and down santa monica blvd. looking for a bathroom, seeing a few prostitutes, 5 stretch limos at del taco....i resorted to tinkling by the car on santa monica blvd. that's worth something, right!?! btw, the SG's event was $50 each as well, hardly worth the eye candy w/o some sort of good music and dancing.

we drove through west hollywood (which was very cool, admittingly), attempted to find the actual event we were originally seeking before we gave up on finding something to do. for the record, we didn't surrender w/o a fight. appartenly, it just wasn't meant to be. we found the highway, homeward bound.... thinking we might try to find a hotel. i realized that we *could* try to make the most of new years day. that it would be silly just to drive home. in agreeance and both having had the desire to explore san diego, we decided to head that direction.

our journey matched the description of a national lampoon adventure.

we were southbound at this point, at who knows what hour of the night/morning. we were definitely de-de-delirious. we had been driving aimlessly for what seemed like days. we happened to come across disneyland! so we decided to stop and be the first ones in line for the morning! no, no, not really.... but we did take our picture in front of the disneyland sign! yah, its 2am on new years.... why not?!?

we were excited to see the pacific and 5 did meet up with highway 1 (which runs down the coast). we finally stopped in oceanside, ca. its probably the northest suburb of san diego... simple quaint beachtown. acquiring a hotel room, of course, wasn't easy. after stopping at 4 other hotels, we ended up at the motel 6 to break in 2006. wooooohhhhoooooo! grandiose!!!

checking in there wasn't even simple. the attendant, who resembled Michael Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile, looked totally out of place, busting out of his Motel 6 polo shirt that was 3 sizes too small, interrogated bj about what our intentions were with the room---- STRANGE!!!! Uhhhh, we wanted somewhere to sleep?! Hard to imagine, I know. It was a bed, clean room, we couldn't complain. And finally our night was over. We chugged our champange while watching dennis the menace and quickly passed out.

I woke up thinking about pancakes, yum. I read in the room guide that there was an IHOP near by. I won't go into the details of our horrible experience and the lack of good restaurant management. I'll spare the criticism...however, it really isn't too much to expect to get a hot breakfast in less than an hour, geez!

We were toggling between visiting Legoland or the San Diego zoo. Hard choice really..... The heart of LEGOLAND California is Miniland USA. A dedication to the ultimate expression of the LEGO art form, this replication of seven regions of the United States, all constructed with 20 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale, can be seen from many places in the Park. Would have been super cool, but we decide to go to the zoo since both attractions closed at 5pm and breakfast had taken soo long. *We did stop at Legoland to take a picture, just to match the Dishneyland picture of places we didn't get to go to on our trip.

The zoo was amazing and I don't normally like zoos. The panda's were fabulous. I've never seen a panda before. The structure of the zoo and layout was the best I'd ever seen. It makes sense why the San Diego Zoo is rated one of the best in the world. Honestly. We had a good time there and the weather was perfect. We decided that Little Italy would be our destination for dinner, since there are hardly no Italian restaurants in Tucson*. Seriously no complaints about the restaurant selection in Tucson tho. We are entirely spoiled with fabulous restaurants, between all the vegetarian, sushi, and mexican choices.

Little Italy was better than expected. We picked a nice selection Zagarella's, and we weren't disappointed a bit. The sauces were all homemade, the pinot noir was flawless, and the atmosphere was pleasant. A+ dining experience. Hoorray.

We cruised around the downtown after dinner. We loved it. The city was thriving.... has lots to offer. Downtown living, entertainment, shopping, dining, public trans... you name it. It seemed clean, safe, and very appealing. I'm definitely interested in the cost of living and what more the city has to offer. I'm surprised we hadn't been there before. Very impressive.

The rest of the story is simple. We journeyed home....after getting through the Cleveland National Forest, 4000 ft. elevation, rain and fog....... we were back in the desert and enjoyed the easy drive home. Thankful we can rest tomorrow.

Not at all what we wanted or expected, nye05/06, but in the end it worked out. we got to explore san diego, simply fabulous! however, i'm SOOOO itching to dance, RARRRRRRR!!!!!!

over and out.

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