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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

if i were a penquin....

my saying for the week..... (actually last week)
"Zero to freak in a week"
Anyone who's seen me in the last week will understand !!
Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Monday, November 21, 2005

1 to the 10th power

as there are many pieces of the puzzle
finding the link to unify is the key

my time has been allocated in many other areas. i haven't really explained myself - what i'm doing, why i'm doing it, how i'm going after it

somewhat cheesy, this is my entry essay for DIHA.
from my understanding, it's probably in the top 5 of school's of this nature, maybe even top 3.

As a natural progression through high school and college, I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 8 years, with three major companies. It became an intricate web of playing different roles and always taking on more responsibility. I feel that I’ve utilized the industry as a stepping-stone. Personally growing into a young professional, I’ve soaked in the useful resources, developed management skills, and met many different networks of people.

With the most recent position at BDI Inc., I gained valuable knowledge of a corporate structure within a 50-unit (in 19 states) privately owned company and successfully opened a new unit with a team of 5 co-workers. This included the scratch-setup from a 1.5 million dollar renovation, hiring, training, and compliance through the first 6-months of operations. The core of skill sets from Restaurant Management include: Interviewing and Hiring, Training, Administrative Billing and Processing, Inventory Control, Schedule Writing, Local Marketing, Grass Roots Marketing, Promotions and Daily Operation of 200+ seat dining room and a full service bar with annual sales exceeding $4 million dollars.

I’ve enjoyed the differences in my daily routine (there’s never two days exactly the same), exposure to diversity, new opportunities, and the swift advancement opportunities. As I’ve realized it is time to evolve into another career, the one common denominator I enjoy the most is people. With a sociology background, studying people- personality traits, habits, buying patterns, relating to and motivating others is fascinating to me. My life goal and personal motivation has developed into making a difference. The restaurant industry has been an enriching experience, which taught countless life lessons and ignited an entrepreneurial spirit, skill, and ambition.

I was blessed in my life to have had the opportunity to work and learn from a very wise and successful entrepreneur, Seth Task. He taught and guided me through life lessons that will influence me through the rest of my life. Each of us has been presented with opportunities, gifts, talents, and challenges for a reason. It’s a choice how seriously we take these things. It’s very important to me to do everything I can do to share my gifts, learn from my mistakes, help others become aware of the knowledge they possess, and to believe in the endless possibilities. He is an amazing person and taught me to be passionate about my goals and life. The passion pushes the boundaries, the passion doesn’t allow you to take no for an answer, and the passion motivates you beyond explanation. He showed me how to use life’s challenges as a stepping-stone into a brighter tomorrow, to always embrace knowledge and never stop learning, and to appreciate the value of communication. I am truly, entirely grateful. I have the desire to make a difference in people’s lives and positively impact society. With my massage therapy certification and masters of business administration, I plan to create an organization designed to help others with the tools and skills of massage therapy, yoga, mediation, nutrition, and other self-preserving disciplines. I hope to find a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in this career plan that will lay a solid foundation on the path towards success.

I have a natural embedded nature for guest/costumer/client service. For the last 8 years, I’ve been building regular guests, knowing internally that the relationship is about more than dinner. I’ve lived with the philosophy of giving our guest’s the experience that they would like to have, thus it’s imperative to read the non-verbal communication and to anticipate their needs. With this philosophy, there are comparative similarities to the massage therapist/client relationship. My goal is to continue to develop and channel my passion to help people into a meaningful career.

Other interests such as nutrition and a healthy way of life are also imperative characteristics of my life that introduced willpower, awareness, and devotion to live a vegetarian lifestyle. I also enjoy an array of physical activities and discovered a passion for yoga, mediation, and skydiving. I’m excited to dive deeper into the science of self-healing and touch.

So that's that. That's not it, but that's what DIHA's all about.
As far as Tucson, there's 350 days of sunshine, no-one can argue with that.

peace out.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Capturing the moment....!!!

I should have captured the glorious moment of my freedom...

My freedom will most likely truly be enjoyed once the stress of moving twindles. Although the past two days have delightfully been productive. Ah, the days are back of attacking a list and feeling accomplishment again.

Deep down, underneath, it is a great feeling. Knowing I don't have to go back there....back into that industry......


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