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Thursday, September 01, 2005

choices, timing, playing the cards

it's a love hate relationship
how can there be an inner desire/will/motivation yet such a block from actually following through


too few and far between

i hope the days go fast and are filled with productiveness (like in the past) but with dreams and hopes of the future

todays the day

it amazes me, the same thing that drives me to such great ambitions and allows me to develop such elaborate dreams/plans/ideas is the same thing that is able to hold me back...... one of life's great mysteries

one of these days, i'll figure it out
the light is shed is stages, the stages of development, and despite all, everything happens for a reason

has a time and place
and will make sense at some point....

it plays on my worse fear.....running against that clock.... tick tick tick

ok, ok, i'm going to go save the world already!
i'm going, i'm going....

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