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Saturday, September 17, 2005



mass chaos, i keep wondering where the summer has gone? it's more than halfway through september now. as much as i enjoy fall and it's beauty, it's downhill from here.... the "w" word and the "s" word are approaching, lingering in the foothills ready for action. salvation comes from knowing that i will endure it's arrival, on task like seth, and i won't withstand the departure, not here at 41/81. the elements are lining themselves, the plans are formulating, the energy is flowing...

relaxation, the calm before the storm, a deep breathe is coming soon, blue skies on continental, sunrise on the west coast....... 5 days in counting.
Sunday, September 11, 2005

good posture...


Australia's cane toads love the nightlife

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Poisonous and ugly, Australia's cane toads are also suckers for nightlife.

Researchers looking for ways to eradicate the toxic toads, introduced from Hawaii in 1935 and now an environmental menace, have found a way to trap them using ultra-violet "disco" lights.

The pests have spread in their millions across the tropical north. Cane toads, some as big as dinner plates, can even kill crocodiles and wild dogs with their hallucinogenic venom.

Australian scientists have tried for four decades to find a way to eradicate them, with only limited success.

Residents of Queensland state and the Northern Territory have even resorted to golf clubs and cricket bats.

But researchers in the Northern Territory have found that ultra-violet "disco lights" are a great way to attract cane toads so that they can be trapped.

After experimenting with red and then blue lights, Australia's Frogwatch "Toad Buster" project found that the "black" light was the most effective way to attract them.

"We've found that the old toads are definitely a disco animal," Frogwatch coordinator Graham Sawyer told reporters.

He said 200 of the toads were caught in a three-week project using the disco lights at a remote station about 120 km (75 miles) south of the Northern Territory capital, Darwin.

About 1,500 toads had been trapped since January, Sawyer said.

He said it appeared that part of the attraction for the toads seemed to be the swarms of insects that the lights brought.

The lights were placed inside toad traps with one-way doors.

Cane toads were introduced 70 years ago in a bid to fight greyback beetles, which were threatening Australia's northern sugar cane fields.

They now number in the millions and have so far defied attempts to control or eradicate them. Female cane toads can lay 8,000 to 35,000 eggs at a time and may produce two clutches a year. The toads reach maturity within a year and have a lifespan of at least five years.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

choices, timing, playing the cards

it's a love hate relationship
how can there be an inner desire/will/motivation yet such a block from actually following through


too few and far between

i hope the days go fast and are filled with productiveness (like in the past) but with dreams and hopes of the future

todays the day

it amazes me, the same thing that drives me to such great ambitions and allows me to develop such elaborate dreams/plans/ideas is the same thing that is able to hold me back...... one of life's great mysteries

one of these days, i'll figure it out
the light is shed is stages, the stages of development, and despite all, everything happens for a reason

has a time and place
and will make sense at some point....

it plays on my worse fear.....running against that clock.... tick tick tick

ok, ok, i'm going to go save the world already!
i'm going, i'm going....

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