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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Everyone looks stoked, yo!

Drewby made me these wonderful veggie meals during the opening/training week. So posh. Why did you have to leave me?!?!


56 days out.

Martini night was a success, w/o even promoting it. Stellar.
I'm working on an ice wine martini, I think it'd be devine.
Ferrante Ice Wine+Ciroc+dash of Chambord?

Going to pick up the invitations today and we're finally going to check out the rings, hopefully everything works out. We don't really have time for it not to.

Theres so much to do...... but i guess i'd be bored if there wasn't so much to do, eh?
Friday, March 11, 2005


68 days.
good day off, right combination of productiveness and relaxation.
Johnny M's was yummy, as usual, and 1 Orange Cream(oj and absolut vanilla) did me just right!
Robots was cute, definitely worth seeing.
Must get some sleep, tomorrow's our 4th USPA National Safety Day!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Drewby & I @ the Trainer Dinner tuesday in Geneva at the winery

detrimental avoidance

wow. so many times, the last weeks, have effectively run together and i'm not sure where they start or end. especially the last ten. as i predicted, the craziness started march 1st-ish and has yet to slow down, in fact, it's picking up acceleration. with the new store, hiring, training, setting up the bar, opening liquor orders, product management (micros), and everything in between- it's perfectly safe to say that i've had my hands full. there hasnt been much time for anything else.
i was prepared this time. and unlike my last opening years ago, i'm not in the middle of finals. ha. of course, it appears as if the wedding is on hold, due to my current focus. as if decisions/plans can't be made w/o me? maybe its really not on hold and all sorts of things are getting done and i'm just unaware? let me cross my fingers, that'd be marvelous.

my last post, a fabulous creation of mixed word/emotion was a victim of the BSoD. (blue screen of death) i guess it wasnt meant to be. it was just about my dream, the dream, the place i escape to, the tick tock in my extreme motivation.

interesting, eh?

we'll say hello again, as it was the first time.

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