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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Costa Rica '05

Plan B.

How cute is the pool?!

..and the beach is just a few feet in the distance

The Bungalow we'll be staying in...

So excited, and everything's booked :)

All this crazy wedding planning might be worth it, to relax in Costa Rica for a week. We all know that we'll both need it!!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


It is well into February, it's amazing how fast time has been flying by. Days and weeks at a time. Our goal is to have everything done & planned by the end of this month: the deadline is approaching fast.

major things left:

-dresses (picked at designs/materials, must get started!)
-honeymoon, resort....we have like a handful that we're debating between
-minister (we're meeting with him on saturday)
-transport from reception to lodge (i'm working on a deal with enterprise, crossing fingers!)
-i'm sure theres more! and thats a LOT!

deep breathe.....

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