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Saturday, January 14, 2006

86 trailer trash!

this is how it looked in my head.... we got about 60% there....

so the trailer trash look just wasnt working for me.
i've felt like TT for about two weeks now.
just couldnt deal with it anymore. so i went today, braved a new experience.
finding a new stylist is scary. especially when you've had the same one for 8 years. well i had gone to sheer professionals for 8 years.

so here are the results: (not totally fabulous!, but not bad either)

cheesy smile!

woohoo :)

regardless, it looks sooo much better than it has all week at school/work!
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Chattering Monkey

Buddhism compares the untrained mind to a chattering monkey that jumps from one branch to another. The monkey is never still and constantly moving. This is not a flattering image, but if you watch your thoughts darting from one random idea to another, you may discover that it is quite accurate. You can train yourself to be aware of the stream of thoughts passing through your head, and to quiet the chattering monkey.
Friday, January 06, 2006


AEG is the key to wellness. That's what we learned in school today.


The trends lately is the wellness kick. Americans are going crazy, finally taking responsibility for their health and well-being. It's about time. It usually takes an illness or injury or some type of life-changing event for someone to develop an interest in their health and wellness.

Yah so I started school this week. Had class on Thurs and Fri. I love it so far. I love the diversity of our class. Age range from about 18-65. There's students just out of high school and there's students that have made drastic career changes from corporate positions. The teachers seem easy-going, appreciate wellness, are compassionate, and thrive on thier career decisions. It's very exciting to be in a place where everyone wants to be and is ready and willing to learn. Refreshing.
Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wahooo! We just got our couch!!

This is the Sleeper Section! Friends/Family this is where you'll be sleeping when you come to visit!
It's a queen size sleeper sofa!

This is very exciting since we've been using camping chairs for about a month now!! Horray!
Monday, January 02, 2006

San Diego Zoo

He's was the first Panda that I'd ever seen, so cute just hanging out!!

nye05/06, these are the ACTUAL accounts

as the night revealed, the anticipation of being in la for nye was - to say the least- far from what i expected. my expectations were not unrealistic, i dont believe, to simply enjoy an outdoor goa event, while being exposed to a well-developed psy-community, perhaps meeting a few like-minded souls. i wanted to stomp in the new year with space monkey and all the other israeli folk. much to our dismay, the journey to burbank and then up the mountains to the ranch was pointless. the event was canceled before it even started. apparently the mud/dirt/dusty roads were washed away that lead to the ranch. that was the story anyway. the location, the people, the community had all the potential in the world.... beyond frustrating. what do you do? you can't give up, not on nye, in a city of a million possiblities after a 500 mile journey. we trotted to the nearest exit, nonchalantly pranced into the lobby of a fancy marriot hotel in search of our friend the internet. that was too easy. perhaps, the only thing that was 'easy' the entire night. i located several options, but the clock was ticking, we didn't have much time to figure out where to go and how to get there. there were two main choices- the spundae mego event or a little artsy-community event that had some flare. 50 bucks or 10 bucks. we both agreed we had seen our fair share of mego events..... onward to support the lil guys.

the rest of the evening was merely an utter disappointment. other than my delightful companion, the bottle of champagne we ended up chugging, and the events that followed on new years day.... nye05/06 was simply a tragedy.

the directions to the little guys gig, brought us into hollywood, which was quite fabulous and exciting. there were people everywhere. that was somewhat glamerous. maybe under different circumstances, and if we had orginally planned to just go to hollywood to hang out for nye it might have been legitimate. we found our destination, finally. it was on santa monica blvd. and we thought we'd party till the sun came up. the venue looked exquisite: lots of people, decorations, lights, ferris wheel. perfect, let's do it. 45 minutes later, ball drop and all, we were still looking for a parking space. ridiculous. the *only* possible place, after circling the blocks thousands of times, was a pay lot that stacked your car and you had to turn in your keys. simply a bad idea, when the contents of your car are worth more than the car itself... not a risk we wanted to take with the skydiving gear in the back.

we did finally find a spot, still trying to have high hopes of a possible recovery for the night, we quickly changed and headed for the venue. along the way, we passed a smaller club hosting an SG's nye event, yummy! a lil angel, wings and all, popped out as we were passing by, she was sporting fluffies.... lox were the only thing she was missing! so....yah, anyways. we get to the venue and it turns out somehow, we had wrote down the directions to the spundae event, it was still 50 bucks (even though it was approaching 1 oclock!), it only went to 4am, AND it appeared to be winding down with people leaving in herds. of course, nothing can go right from this point on. cranky, we decided not to take that risk.

after strolling up and down santa monica blvd. looking for a bathroom, seeing a few prostitutes, 5 stretch limos at del taco....i resorted to tinkling by the car on santa monica blvd. that's worth something, right!?! btw, the SG's event was $50 each as well, hardly worth the eye candy w/o some sort of good music and dancing.

we drove through west hollywood (which was very cool, admittingly), attempted to find the actual event we were originally seeking before we gave up on finding something to do. for the record, we didn't surrender w/o a fight. appartenly, it just wasn't meant to be. we found the highway, homeward bound.... thinking we might try to find a hotel. i realized that we *could* try to make the most of new years day. that it would be silly just to drive home. in agreeance and both having had the desire to explore san diego, we decided to head that direction.

our journey matched the description of a national lampoon adventure.

we were southbound at this point, at who knows what hour of the night/morning. we were definitely de-de-delirious. we had been driving aimlessly for what seemed like days. we happened to come across disneyland! so we decided to stop and be the first ones in line for the morning! no, no, not really.... but we did take our picture in front of the disneyland sign! yah, its 2am on new years.... why not?!?

we were excited to see the pacific and 5 did meet up with highway 1 (which runs down the coast). we finally stopped in oceanside, ca. its probably the northest suburb of san diego... simple quaint beachtown. acquiring a hotel room, of course, wasn't easy. after stopping at 4 other hotels, we ended up at the motel 6 to break in 2006. wooooohhhhoooooo! grandiose!!!

checking in there wasn't even simple. the attendant, who resembled Michael Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile, looked totally out of place, busting out of his Motel 6 polo shirt that was 3 sizes too small, interrogated bj about what our intentions were with the room---- STRANGE!!!! Uhhhh, we wanted somewhere to sleep?! Hard to imagine, I know. It was a bed, clean room, we couldn't complain. And finally our night was over. We chugged our champange while watching dennis the menace and quickly passed out.

I woke up thinking about pancakes, yum. I read in the room guide that there was an IHOP near by. I won't go into the details of our horrible experience and the lack of good restaurant management. I'll spare the criticism...however, it really isn't too much to expect to get a hot breakfast in less than an hour, geez!

We were toggling between visiting Legoland or the San Diego zoo. Hard choice really..... The heart of LEGOLAND California is Miniland USA. A dedication to the ultimate expression of the LEGO art form, this replication of seven regions of the United States, all constructed with 20 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale, can be seen from many places in the Park. Would have been super cool, but we decide to go to the zoo since both attractions closed at 5pm and breakfast had taken soo long. *We did stop at Legoland to take a picture, just to match the Dishneyland picture of places we didn't get to go to on our trip.

The zoo was amazing and I don't normally like zoos. The panda's were fabulous. I've never seen a panda before. The structure of the zoo and layout was the best I'd ever seen. It makes sense why the San Diego Zoo is rated one of the best in the world. Honestly. We had a good time there and the weather was perfect. We decided that Little Italy would be our destination for dinner, since there are hardly no Italian restaurants in Tucson*. Seriously no complaints about the restaurant selection in Tucson tho. We are entirely spoiled with fabulous restaurants, between all the vegetarian, sushi, and mexican choices.

Little Italy was better than expected. We picked a nice selection Zagarella's, and we weren't disappointed a bit. The sauces were all homemade, the pinot noir was flawless, and the atmosphere was pleasant. A+ dining experience. Hoorray.

We cruised around the downtown after dinner. We loved it. The city was thriving.... has lots to offer. Downtown living, entertainment, shopping, dining, public trans... you name it. It seemed clean, safe, and very appealing. I'm definitely interested in the cost of living and what more the city has to offer. I'm surprised we hadn't been there before. Very impressive.

The rest of the story is simple. We journeyed home....after getting through the Cleveland National Forest, 4000 ft. elevation, rain and fog....... we were back in the desert and enjoyed the easy drive home. Thankful we can rest tomorrow.

Not at all what we wanted or expected, nye05/06, but in the end it worked out. we got to explore san diego, simply fabulous! however, i'm SOOOO itching to dance, RARRRRRRR!!!!!!

over and out.
Thursday, December 29, 2005

School Schedule!!

So I recieved my school schedule today! I start next week. Very exciting!!!

Yoga and Meditation will be fun and Five Element Theory should be very interesting. I've been looking for employment and I have two good leads. I'm not sure which one I'm leaning towards ?! But I also would like to concentrate on my business too. I always have soo many goals...and I love to start things, I just need to forge ahead and fight to complete things as well! Sounds like a goal for '06. <----which is right around the corner! woohoo. I think it'll be a great year :>
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

if i were a penquin....

my saying for the week..... (actually last week)
"Zero to freak in a week"
Anyone who's seen me in the last week will understand !!
Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Monday, November 21, 2005

1 to the 10th power

as there are many pieces of the puzzle
finding the link to unify is the key

my time has been allocated in many other areas. i haven't really explained myself - what i'm doing, why i'm doing it, how i'm going after it

somewhat cheesy, this is my entry essay for DIHA.
from my understanding, it's probably in the top 5 of school's of this nature, maybe even top 3.

As a natural progression through high school and college, I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 8 years, with three major companies. It became an intricate web of playing different roles and always taking on more responsibility. I feel that I’ve utilized the industry as a stepping-stone. Personally growing into a young professional, I’ve soaked in the useful resources, developed management skills, and met many different networks of people.

With the most recent position at BDI Inc., I gained valuable knowledge of a corporate structure within a 50-unit (in 19 states) privately owned company and successfully opened a new unit with a team of 5 co-workers. This included the scratch-setup from a 1.5 million dollar renovation, hiring, training, and compliance through the first 6-months of operations. The core of skill sets from Restaurant Management include: Interviewing and Hiring, Training, Administrative Billing and Processing, Inventory Control, Schedule Writing, Local Marketing, Grass Roots Marketing, Promotions and Daily Operation of 200+ seat dining room and a full service bar with annual sales exceeding $4 million dollars.

I’ve enjoyed the differences in my daily routine (there’s never two days exactly the same), exposure to diversity, new opportunities, and the swift advancement opportunities. As I’ve realized it is time to evolve into another career, the one common denominator I enjoy the most is people. With a sociology background, studying people- personality traits, habits, buying patterns, relating to and motivating others is fascinating to me. My life goal and personal motivation has developed into making a difference. The restaurant industry has been an enriching experience, which taught countless life lessons and ignited an entrepreneurial spirit, skill, and ambition.

I was blessed in my life to have had the opportunity to work and learn from a very wise and successful entrepreneur, Seth Task. He taught and guided me through life lessons that will influence me through the rest of my life. Each of us has been presented with opportunities, gifts, talents, and challenges for a reason. It’s a choice how seriously we take these things. It’s very important to me to do everything I can do to share my gifts, learn from my mistakes, help others become aware of the knowledge they possess, and to believe in the endless possibilities. He is an amazing person and taught me to be passionate about my goals and life. The passion pushes the boundaries, the passion doesn’t allow you to take no for an answer, and the passion motivates you beyond explanation. He showed me how to use life’s challenges as a stepping-stone into a brighter tomorrow, to always embrace knowledge and never stop learning, and to appreciate the value of communication. I am truly, entirely grateful. I have the desire to make a difference in people’s lives and positively impact society. With my massage therapy certification and masters of business administration, I plan to create an organization designed to help others with the tools and skills of massage therapy, yoga, mediation, nutrition, and other self-preserving disciplines. I hope to find a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in this career plan that will lay a solid foundation on the path towards success.

I have a natural embedded nature for guest/costumer/client service. For the last 8 years, I’ve been building regular guests, knowing internally that the relationship is about more than dinner. I’ve lived with the philosophy of giving our guest’s the experience that they would like to have, thus it’s imperative to read the non-verbal communication and to anticipate their needs. With this philosophy, there are comparative similarities to the massage therapist/client relationship. My goal is to continue to develop and channel my passion to help people into a meaningful career.

Other interests such as nutrition and a healthy way of life are also imperative characteristics of my life that introduced willpower, awareness, and devotion to live a vegetarian lifestyle. I also enjoy an array of physical activities and discovered a passion for yoga, mediation, and skydiving. I’m excited to dive deeper into the science of self-healing and touch.

So that's that. That's not it, but that's what DIHA's all about.
As far as Tucson, there's 350 days of sunshine, no-one can argue with that.

peace out.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Capturing the moment....!!!

I should have captured the glorious moment of my freedom...

My freedom will most likely truly be enjoyed once the stress of moving twindles. Although the past two days have delightfully been productive. Ah, the days are back of attacking a list and feeling accomplishment again.

Deep down, underneath, it is a great feeling. Knowing I don't have to go back there....back into that industry......

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

it's on the list

i really want a tail, i think it'd be sexy

poor Tommy

sometimes life doesn't go as planned.

the lesson today is: don't play on the roof!

besides, friends don't let friends jump off buildings w/o a parachute.
Thursday, October 20, 2005

Back Shot, for eBay!

My tag line for eBay...
The design and inspiration of these Cyberlox were for them
to be the most UV Reactive Cyber Falls on the market!
Mission Accomplished!

**cross your fingers, i hope they sell!!

Tribute to BDWV05

The New River Gorge Bridge, quite fabulous!

This is my pseudo WRX ad....
I love this view!! Scrumptous!
when you're in the Bible Belt of WV you're not a fairy, you're an angel! I learned this really fast, damn "W" supporters!

Chef, I'd like mine marinated please!
Meatless and Wunderbar!
The cabin living room, so cute!
Holiday Inn, love!
What happens at the Holdiay Inn, stays at the Holiday Inn!!
More to come soon
oh what a year.....
what a community!
Blue skies!
Friday, October 07, 2005

cyberlox wizard of OZ!

so i just finished these for my sister's LIONNESS costume! I'm thinking maybe the whole Wizard of OZ crew should have lox too?!?

I think they'll definitely provoke a huge RARRRRRRRR!
Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mark this day!!

I did it! This day should be marked in history, it's been in the making for over 8 years now.

At times we don't see how things become a part of us, the way we spend our time, utilize our minutes.... when you blink and a year or two has passed.

Stepping stones in life: sometimes you have to take several steps backwards to see the big picture, to see the future and a chance towards another path.

I learned several years ago, that I AM the only driving force that will make things happen for myself. And you never know, unless you try.

Afterall, some of the best things that have happened in my life, were a result of a faith/karmic CHANCE i took.

Once again.

Everything happens for a reason!!

Typical spoken, but true...... TODAY is the first day of the rest of my life!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

LPSF05 Aftermath, opps!!

NiteVibe captured us at 1015, being freaky of course!! NITEVIBE!!!

100's of cops in RIOT gear!

Watch out cyber-fans, Nyogen's here to save the day!!

the full picture can be found here,
Saturday, September 17, 2005



mass chaos, i keep wondering where the summer has gone? it's more than halfway through september now. as much as i enjoy fall and it's beauty, it's downhill from here.... the "w" word and the "s" word are approaching, lingering in the foothills ready for action. salvation comes from knowing that i will endure it's arrival, on task like seth, and i won't withstand the departure, not here at 41/81. the elements are lining themselves, the plans are formulating, the energy is flowing...

relaxation, the calm before the storm, a deep breathe is coming soon, blue skies on continental, sunrise on the west coast....... 5 days in counting.
Sunday, September 11, 2005

good posture...


Australia's cane toads love the nightlife

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Poisonous and ugly, Australia's cane toads are also suckers for nightlife.

Researchers looking for ways to eradicate the toxic toads, introduced from Hawaii in 1935 and now an environmental menace, have found a way to trap them using ultra-violet "disco" lights.

The pests have spread in their millions across the tropical north. Cane toads, some as big as dinner plates, can even kill crocodiles and wild dogs with their hallucinogenic venom.

Australian scientists have tried for four decades to find a way to eradicate them, with only limited success.

Residents of Queensland state and the Northern Territory have even resorted to golf clubs and cricket bats.

But researchers in the Northern Territory have found that ultra-violet "disco lights" are a great way to attract cane toads so that they can be trapped.

After experimenting with red and then blue lights, Australia's Frogwatch "Toad Buster" project found that the "black" light was the most effective way to attract them.

"We've found that the old toads are definitely a disco animal," Frogwatch coordinator Graham Sawyer told reporters.

He said 200 of the toads were caught in a three-week project using the disco lights at a remote station about 120 km (75 miles) south of the Northern Territory capital, Darwin.

About 1,500 toads had been trapped since January, Sawyer said.

He said it appeared that part of the attraction for the toads seemed to be the swarms of insects that the lights brought.

The lights were placed inside toad traps with one-way doors.

Cane toads were introduced 70 years ago in a bid to fight greyback beetles, which were threatening Australia's northern sugar cane fields.

They now number in the millions and have so far defied attempts to control or eradicate them. Female cane toads can lay 8,000 to 35,000 eggs at a time and may produce two clutches a year. The toads reach maturity within a year and have a lifespan of at least five years.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

choices, timing, playing the cards

it's a love hate relationship
how can there be an inner desire/will/motivation yet such a block from actually following through


too few and far between

i hope the days go fast and are filled with productiveness (like in the past) but with dreams and hopes of the future

todays the day

it amazes me, the same thing that drives me to such great ambitions and allows me to develop such elaborate dreams/plans/ideas is the same thing that is able to hold me back...... one of life's great mysteries

one of these days, i'll figure it out
the light is shed is stages, the stages of development, and despite all, everything happens for a reason

has a time and place
and will make sense at some point....

it plays on my worse fear.....running against that clock.... tick tick tick

ok, ok, i'm going to go save the world already!
i'm going, i'm going....

Current Mood:

Monday, August 15, 2005


running along in my hampster wheel
treading quite nicely
the light shining ahead
neon glimpses of hope
the timeline is securing itself

day 14 of 21

35 days till we leave for San Fran, LP or bust baby

Saturday, July 23, 2005

surprise surprise

i'm opening, actually i'm at the beginning of an opening binge

i tried to be productive, after my day finally started yesterday, caribou led me to the bookstore and i wonder around aimlessly and soaked in knowledge, it is one of my favorite things to do. it felt good. i took a lot of notes and wrote down a number of isbns. good times.

came home and made some really good tofu.

yesterday was pleasant.

what will today bring?

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